Duration: 1 Day
Destination : Varanasi


Varanasi has been metropolitan city of India and has been parliamentary seat of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji.  Therefore, life is somehow very fast in some parts of city; there is shopping mall, big store, apartments, commercial centre etc. The Government planning to construct Metro as well whereas in oldest parts, street life is very slow, people can be spotted chatting, lingering here & there, sitting ideally gossiping and working. It looks strange, it does not to happen this polarity but it happens, nowhere in the world except here.

This walk “Fast & slow “provides fullest opportunities to observe fast and slow character. Generally, organise to unfold the thinner layer of city cultures and traditions that are happening a bit deep in less frequented alleys in the oldest part.

We use two kinds of mode of transports i.e. Auto Rickshaw and Cycle Rickshaw. On the other hand, in the oldest parts of the city, in narrow street “no vehicle zone”, only can be approached by foot, therefore, we usually make half an hour long walk in oldest parts to see its essence, genuine lives, traditional Bazar, way of living and primordial working style, by passing thorough historically and monumentally important area.

We always start this walk in the daytime, when city grown up enough, people start crippling in lanes. The point of starting this walk may vary according to season and month and as per your convenient but usually we start it form the Godwilla (Girjaghar Chauraha). First of all we make visit somewhat new parts in auto rickshaw and cycle rickshaw to cover namely Durga Temple, Sankat mochan temple, BHU ( Banaras Hindu University) , Lolark Kund or as per stated sightseeing , finally Cycle Rickshaw drop us close to old city , starting point of walk near at Bengali Tola, is considered to be oldest section of Varanasi , where most of  Bengali people ( People of Wes Bengal State of India) are living form the centuries, walk continues passing through golden temple, Blue Lassi , flower bazar, holy books bazar, milk bazar and ends up at Godwilla Chawk.

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