Evening Arti Varanasi

Evening Arti with Boat Ride

Destination Covered: Varanasi

Day Ganga River is supposed to be most venerated and worshiped river in Hinduism. According to legend and Vedic culture, Ganges River descended on the earth to cleanse sins to ancestor of Rishi Bhagirathi to give them salvation from the bondage of material lives.

Every evening, the group of priest (Brahmin) in orange colours robes, appear at Dasashwamedh Ghat with prayers stuff, in the shade of thousands of devotees in order to create very festive atmosphere start diluting the reverberation of Sanskrit mantras and lighting up the ghee lamps to their altar, putting flowers and start prayers with Mantra, using conch shell, water of Ganges, flowers etc. They keep changing the formulation of rituals and rites, frequently by blowing up conch shell, followed chanting Har Har Mahadev and Shiva Tandava Mantra, which brings the very divine feeling in the heart of onlookers and its devotees.

Whereas this kind of Arti is being done also in Haridwar and Rishikesh on the bank of Gages River but Varanasi is blessed city, legend says lord of universe itself creates this city; therefore, Arti of Varanasi becomes very venerable and supposed to be a divine act to be witnessed, due to presence of Mother Ganges and Lord Shiva.

We pick up our guest form the Hotel, Guest House or other stated place as per the scheduled itinerary for the evening ceremony, is called Arti, before participating prayers, normally we arrange a short boat ride to make a visit to burning Ghats where dead bodies are burnt then after Arti (evening prayers) and we conclude evening sightseeing with dropping you guest or hotel.

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