A Holy Deep in Ganga Ji

Banaras walk

Duration: 1 Day
Destination Covered: Varanasi

Day The Heritage Walk in Varanasi gives you a peephole of its glorious heritage, history, living and bygone architecture.

The lanes and by lanes of Varanasi’s cultural and spiritual city evokes a sense of past and future, living culture through the skilfully organised Heritage Walk by banarastour.com Every day, organised walk starts its trail from heart of Varanasi after a short slide show to our walkers.

The three hours walk takes you on an exploration of a city and the essence of trueness, which has been slipped in the dark of history of Varanasi, wonderful culture, traditions and architecture and lots more to in this fabulous and religious city. The walk brings you close to the soul and heart of a city which has a rich spiritual sense , deep rotted traditions and cultures, textile heritage, intricately designed temples and places of worship, shops of sweets and foods, temples, palaces, wooden carved doors ,houses, Ghats , Vedic traditions schools and institutions, music and dance, classical and modern , schools of Vedic rites and rituals, cremations, Ashrams , Saint , Naga Sadhu, Brahmins, Monks, occult practitioners, Aghori, houses of widows , palaces of Maharaja, and lots more to see.

The walk begins from at different time as per the scheduled hour of commencement and end up at different time and hour as per selection and topology of walks. We moves according to move of sun to make available best time and light for every kind of walkers, such as photographers , morning walkers, day walkers and evening walkers and wanderers.

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